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Justin Bieber: Changes Tour (2020)

February 2, 2020

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Okay, so let's talk about Justin Bieber's new tour that he just announced, along with his album and a few other things.

Before we get to that though, I wanted to give a huge shout out to my best friend. Today's her birthday. HAPPY BIRTHDAY MICHELLE! By the time you read this, it's going to be pretty late in the day and you're going to have already opened your awesome gifts or at least be getting ready to. I just wanted a post about your hubby Bieber to be included in the mix on your special day! ♡

K, so Bieber has been kind of MIA for the past four years since he released Purpose. He's been doing features here and there, but not his own original work. Towards the end of 2019, he posted a cryptic tweet with a few different dates. Within the next few weeks following that, he released a new single title "Yummy", along with announcing an upcoming tour, album, and docuseries. If I'm being honest, I wasn't blown away or anything. I'm not a Bieber stan. I've always listened to quite a few of his songs here and there, but I've never been interested enough to go see him on tour or anything.

Enter Michelle.

My best friend Michelle is a huge Justin Bieber fan. She's actually went to all THREE of his tours (including the first one, at Madison Square Garden specifically, that sold out in 22 minutes), has all of the physical copies of his albums, has tons of Bieber merch, Bieber posters, knows every single word to every single song....she is a stan. 😂

So of course when she asked me to go to his upcoming tour with her, I obviously said I would. But I told her I wanted to go under one condition: we had to save up enough money to get awesome seats and sit really close. The other three times, Michelle had sat in the nosebleeds, and this time, I wanted it to be not only special for me, since I haven't been to a stadium tour since I was a kid and I barely even remember, but for her as well, being that she's a huge fan of his and has supported him throughout his entire career. So we opened a joint bank account and started saving up!

A little after this, there were rumors/speculation that Kehlani would be on Justin's new album. Anyone that knows me knows how much I love Kehlani! She's my favorite singer. When I heard this, it was exciting to think that my favorite singer and my best friend's favorite singer might have a song together. Justin and Kehlani had a song years and years ago, but it was one of those songs that wasn't really big at all. This was also before I was a huge Kehlani fan, so I didn't know much about the song. Michelle being a huge fan of Justin didn't even really know much about the song either. It's just one of those songs that came and went. So that's why rumors about them having a new song together was such a big deal. But of course, we didn't know for sure if it was a thing. The next few weeks to come, I'd constantly joke with Michelle saying, "Oh my gosh, I can't wait for Justin's new song with Kehlani!! Oh my gosh, what if she went on TOUR with him?" I said this over and over again for weeks. I didn't think much of it though. I mean, sure, they might have a song together on the album, but them touring? What would the odds of that actually happening be? Kehlani just had a baby last year and hasn't been on tour in a bit. So it was nothing more than wishful thinking.

Time goes on. Majority of January goes by. We start getting closer to the end of the month.

We were starting to get kind of nervous about how much the tickets for his tour would be, especially to sit as close as we wanted to. Our goal was front row, but anything in the closest sections would be nice! First five rows, maybe? It ended up being announced that he was going to be on Ellen. Michelle told me that whenever Justin's on Ellen is typically when he announces when his tour tickets are going to be released, along with other information. Considering a fan had asked Justin earlier in the month when the ticket sale announcement would happen and he said "this month, pay attention", it wasn't far fetched for him to announce everything on Ellen. The suspense of when he was actually going on Ellen though was killing us, because we didn't know if we'd have enough money in time. What if the tickets went on sale THAT day? Do we have only a few more days to save up money? Few more weeks?

More time goes by.

People are complaining heavily about Yummy. A lot of people seem to think it's not Bieber's best work. And I can agree on that, but I actually like the song. It's catchy. Around this time, someone I follow tweeted something about how people really don't like Yummy and I jokingly proposed a solution saying, "His song with Kehlani should be his next single!" as a response to their tweet, even though it's still not 100% confirmed that he even has a song with Kehlani. 💀

Little bit later.

Justin's 10-episode docuseries began on January 27th. We got YouTube premium just so we could watch as many episodes in one sitting instead of watching two a week. We watched four of the episodes. **By the way, still waiting on episodes 5-10, Justin.** While we were watching, Justin tweeted that he had a great time on Ellen's show, which means that the episode would air the following day on the 28th! We finally had a date! By now, we had a pretty significant amount of money, but we had been seeing so many different things about how much super close tickets at Bieber's concerts cost that we had no idea if we'd have enough.

Next day.

Michelle stays home from work to make sure she catches the Ellen show. I stay home from work as well. I actually wasn't feeling the greatest, but it was also Michelle's birth week and we wanted to be as prepared as possible when Ellen came on just in case the tickets went on sale! After all, we spent a lot of time saving up for this and we wanted to make sure we were on time for everything.

Ellen show comes on. Justin announces that his album is called Changes and goes on sale on Valentine's Day. He also talks about how Yummy is about his sex life. Still no significant information about the tour tickets though. 😐

Justin Bieber 2020 Changes Tour
Justin Bieber 2020 Changes Tour

Night comes, we go to sleep.

I just so happened to wake up in the middle of the night for some reason and checked my phone. Mind you, I turned Justin's notifications on around the time I agreed to go to the tour with Michelle, because I wanted to keep an eye on when the tickets would go on sale! Kehlani's notifications, I've had on since like 2018. Nothing new, lol.

Anyways, I wake up to a TON of notifications from them BOTH announcing that Justin's new song FEATURING my girl Kehlani called "Get Me" has dropped. I was SO hype. Michelle was knocked out, but I made sure I woke her up and blasted that song in her ear. It was so exciting to hear both of our faves singing together. Especially since she always cracks jokes on Kehlani and I always crack jokes on Bieber. 😂

Justin Bieber 2020 Changes Tour

Mind you, this is the night of Justin's docuseries premiere in Los Angeles so a lot of news was dropped while we were sleeping.

So I'm sifting through tons of tweets reading what people are saying about the new song, and I come across a tweet that says when the tickets for the tour go on sale and that Jaden Smith and KEHLANI are the OPENERS for Justin's tour.


Did I read that right????

Kehlani is OPENING Justin's tour?

Justin Bieber 2020 Changes Tour

Weeks leading up to now, I had only been joking about her going on tour with him. Whether they were gonna have a song together or not, I didn't see that happening in a million years. But here we are. Me and my bestie's fave artists are TOURING together. Two people that we would've honestly never guessed would be touring anytime in the near future, or at all!

So of course, we bought tickets to TWO shows. 😂 Third row seats, babes. 💁🏾‍♀️ Oh, and let's not even discuss what a trainwreck trying to buy tickets during the presale was. Holy shitake mushrooms. Let's just say...we'll be in the queue earlier and take our time next time, because if you guys had heard the way both of us were screaming and freaking out on the'd have been on the floor laughing. We also bought seats we didn't want at first.....and......guys, it's a long story. 😂

Imagine if I had just agreed to go to the tour with Michelle when she had initially asked, but that was the end of it? Imagine if I hadn't proposed the idea of saving up and getting the best seats we possibly could? I mean, after all, I had no idea Kehlani was opening for Justin, so I can only imagine how upset I would've been if I had to scramble for money unexpectedly at the last minute and end up with crappy seats! Everything ended up falling into place perfectly with this entire thing, which I think is so crazy.

I will definitely update you all on my thoughts on the experience later this summer. ☀

Like I said before, I haven't been to a huge tour since I was a kid, and even then, I barely even remember those! So this is a pretty new experience for me, in my opinion.


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Let me know in the comments below if you plan on going to see the Biebs and Kehlani on tour! And Jaden. Can't forget about Jaden. Jaden, you matter too.


xo babes, Variety Princess


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Hey babes! I'm Deja'. The Princess of Variety. This is my personal blog where I will be giving you all advice, discussing my personal experiences that you all can learn something from, and talking about my favorite games, music, and so much more. xo

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