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6 Apps You Need in Your Life

March 30, 2020

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I've been wanting to tell you guys about the apps I'm loving right now (it changes every few months). Some of these apps you may have never heard of, others, you're probably already tired of hearing about. I promise I have good reasons for why you should try some of these apps or give them a second chance! 💛

I know we're all practicing living the quarantine lifestyle, so a lot of us are at home bored and not knowing of what to do. I know dealing with this COVID-19 pandemic has a lot of us stressed too. I've got you covered. 👍🏾


If you're a gamer and you love life-simulation games, I highly recommend this app. Even if you're not big on mobile games, give it a try! BitLife is a mobile game where you start off with a randomized character (or a customized character), and you go through life until you die! Simple. What makes each time you play so different, is the random things that happens to you throughout the game along with the different choices you decide to make as you play. Maybe you're a stay-at-home mom with a partner who's a millionaire one game, and then the next, you're a drug-dealing lawyer! I also wanna add that the game is all text - so you're not controlling you're character walking around in some world or anything. Still fun though! This app is constantly updated by the developers, so almost every week there's something new to see. This game can make hours fly by as well.


I've talked about this app before in my "Favorite Ways To Relax" blog post, so I recommend reading that for a detailed explanation. This app is something I use on a regular basis and it keeps me sane. Youper is an emotional health assistant. We all have emotions, and as humans, we don't always know the best ways to handle them. That's where this app comes in. If you're going through a hard time, Youper helps you sort through that hard time and come out on the other side feeling more in control. I've had many people tell me that they're feeling stressed with this pandemic going on, and I know that Youper would be a great help with rationalizing.


Okay, I know a lot of people hate hearing about this app, but half of you haven't even given it a chance. TikTok is very similar to Vine - short, entertaining videos. There's a lot of dancing on TikTok, but there's also other things to see. If you're the type of person that loves scrolling on Instagram, or constantly watching videos on YouTube - this app is super fun to have. If you're someone that loved Vine, you'll love this app. If you're a dancer, you'll love this app. TikTok is hard to explain in a nutshell, because there's a lot of different things on the app and it's one of a kind, but just try it out. I know you'll be entertained, even if you're just laughing at the silly things people are doing. 😂


If you're looking for a music app, Spotify is the way to go. Not Pandora. Not Tidal (do people even still use that?). And no, not Apple Music. I enjoy Spotify, because the layout is seamless, the music options are fantastic, and Spotify curates playlists for you. It even tells you who you listened to the most at the end of the year categorized by location, zodiac sign, and more! The more you use Spotify, the more it benefits you because of how good it is at finding new artists you'll like and old songs you forgot about. 🎶


I know all my gamers out there already know about Twitch, but maybe some of you out there aren't familiar. Twitch is a streaming app where people stream themselves doing many things like cooking, singing, ASMR, etc. The primary thing that's streamed on Twitch is gaming! I love watching people play GTA on the NoPixel server. Download Twitch and type in "NoPixel" in the search bar, and watch the different streamers that pop up. You will be entertained. I highly recommend watching Kyle, Jayce, Carmen, or Viviana!


This app is pretty mainstream, but I also see a lot of people talking crap about it when they're still using Facebook. 💀 I love Twitter because not only is it a great way to get quick updates on what's going on in the world, but you get to give your two cents too, and who doesn't like to give their two cents? Twitter is just a quick way to give your opinion on things going in the world, to talk about yourself and what's happening in your life, and to stay updated!


That's all I have for you guys! These are the apps I've been using the most. Especially during this time in the world. I hope you all are continuing to stay as safe as possible. This is the time to entertain yourself and stay occupied, and the apps above are great ways to accomplish just that! Thank you so much for reading.


xo babes, Variety Princess


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Hey babes! I'm Deja'. The Princess of Variety. This is my personal blog where I will be giving you all advice, discussing my personal experiences that you all can learn something from, and talking about my favorite games, music, and so much more. xo

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