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College Memories: Interview w/ My Best Friend!

April 10, 2020

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Hi everyone! Today, we're going to be doing a blog format that's different from what I typically do.

I talk about my bestie a lot, so I love give her a chance to be a part of my platform so you all can get to know her too!

Lauryn Evarts of The Skinny Confidential and her best friend Erica (Fashion Lush) did a blog swap where they interviewed each other about their time in high school. I love Lauryn Evarts, and I thought this idea was really cool. So I did the same thing with my best friend, Michelle, except we focused on our college days -- because that's where we met almost five years ago!

Enjoy! 😎

Deja' and Michelle 2
Deja' and Michelle 1

What was Deja' like in college?

First, I'll start off with how we met. It was my first semester at the University of North Carolina at Charlotte. We met in the theatre department in my first theatre class, stage management. I was extremely nervous! It was a new school and I didn't know anybody. It wasn't a big class, but the professor was really cool and I remember Deja' sat right behind me that first day. We hit it off right away! Our professor was very funny. I noticed when I thought something she said was funny, Deja' would laugh too. We had a little connection there already and we started talking more throughout the semester. She was super nice and it was good to have someone I could talk to.

As my first semester came to an end, we added each other on social media. I didn't see her as much in my second semester, but when we did see each other we talked and laughed about stuff that happened in stage management.

As more semesters came along, we had more classes together and got closer and closer.  Now that we are done with college, I consider her my best friend. Deja' was very smart in college. She always did great in her classes and still had time to hang out and participate in shows and activities. She was extremely talented and the most loyal friend I ever had.

Tell us a funny story about Deja'

We were having our first sleepover with a group of girls who used to be our friends (they decided to be fake instead) but anyway lol, we spent the whole day together and that night we had a show, so we all decided to just have a sleepover afterward.

The girl whose apartment we were at had roommates, which was kind of annoying because they always had people over too. We were all just chilling in the living room and we heard the roommates had some guys over, so we all ran into our friend's bedroom because we didn’t want to sit there feeling awkward. I decided to prank Deja’ and close the door on her so she wasn’t able to come in. As I was holding the door, I peeked underneath and I just see Deja’s legs and feet shaking. I told the girls and we all started cracking up. When I opened the door to let her in, I fell to the ground. Deja’ comes walking in shaking her legs and feet and says, “My legs gave out!!!” LOL. Deja’ always knew how to make us laugh and she is the funniest person I’ve ever met.

What were fun things to do around your campus? What was the culture like? Where were the hot spots? What was there to do between/after classes?

I never loved a school as much as I loved UNC Charlotte. The campus was so beautiful. They always had so many fun and great things to do on campus. Deja’, the girls, and I would always go to a building called Prospector to eat. We had Chick-fil-A a lot. Deja’ and I would go get Wendy’s a lot in the student union.

In our theatre building, which was called Robinson Hall, we performed shows, watched shows, and had special guests all the time. We even had fun in the back of the building just sitting around and talking. The theatre department was very small. Everybody knew everybody and that’s something that I really loved. I was never good at making friends and I feel like I made some of the best friends in that department, especially Deja’. She’s the only one that’s always stuck by my side and that is another reason why she is my best friend.

Deja' and Michelle 4
Deja' and Michelle 5

What were some of the hottest songs around that time?

We had some really big hits playing during our college days. I remember Closer by The Chainsmokers featuring Halsey was a big one, along with 24k Magic by Bruno Mars, and Bad and Boujee by Migos. These songs would always come on the radio when Deja’ and I were driving together, driving with the other girls, and at Deja’s graduation party, which was also a really great time we had together.

What's a favorite memory that you have together?

My favorite memory with Deja’ is probably when we worked on the show The Children’s Hour together. I was excited to be in my first show at UNCC and it was great to have my friends in it with me. We got closer than ever during that show. I didn’t have any classes that semester with Deja’, so I was just excited for every night to come so we could see each other at rehearsal. There were so many laughs backstage or in the dressing room.

We would finish very late with rehearsals and a lot of times we would just hang out afterward -- either just us or with the girls at the apartment. I learned a lot from Deja’ making that show. She is an amazing actress and is very talented! I have had a lot of great memories with her since then, but I would say that's my favorite memory because we got closer and doing that show with her really brought together our friendship. It was an amazing experience and I will never forget it.

Did you guys fight a lot? How long did fights last?

When we were in college, we really didn’t fight too much. When we did, it was over the silliest things and we would get over it in a few days. We actually fought a lot more when we were done with college and it wasn’t over silly things. Those fights lasted at least a week. I am not proud of a lot of things I have done to Deja’ to cause fights to occur but I've learned and grown from them and I am a much better friend to her. I’m more loyal, and I am proud of myself for that.

What's a fun activity that you guys would do together often?

During the college days, we would go to each other's houses on the weekends and watch movies. I am a huge movie fanatic and Deja’ loves watching movies too. We really click on that. We would also just hang out and talk for hours after school or rehearsals, which I thought was so much fun. Sometimes just talking about life and listening/singing to music in the car is the best activity to do together.

How has Deja' evolved over the years?

Deja’ has grown to be an even more amazing woman than she was before. She is very strong, independent, talented and beautiful. She was always very smart and very funny. She can always make me laugh even when I am sad. She always makes time for the people she loves and cares about and she is very loyal to me. I am very proud of all the work she is doing with her YouTube channel and her website. She is going to be very big someday and I’m excited to go on that journey with her.

How is Deja' the same as when you first met her?

Deja’ is still that same kind and amazing human being she was when I first met her in college. She was always passionate about the things she loves and is always there for the people she loves and cares about. She always had my back when we were in school and she still has my back now. I am extremely grateful and blessed to have her as my best friend.

What did a day on the weekend look like for you two in college?

We were either hanging out at each other's houses watching movies or at our friend's apartment having sleepovers, parties, and playing games. We saw each other every day, but when the weekends came along, it was nice to get away from hanging out at school and chilling in our own spaces doing whatever we wanted.

We always had a good time. We loved to eat. We got food a lot at places like Panera and Cook Out. I always looked forward to each day with Deja’. We had a great college experience.

What is your friendship like now?

Deja' and Michelle 6

Better than ever. We see each other every day like we did in college. We talk all of the time when we aren’t together, and we play Xbox together. Deja’ and I are homebodies. We love to just chill at home and watch movies or play video games. We even order take out once in a while. When we do go out, we always have a good time. We’ll go to the movies, the mall, to eat, and sometimes hang out with our other friends or even go to the club. We also have taken mini trips to events and concerts. I want to continue to travel and see places together. I would love to take her to NYC one day too and show her where I used to live. I am excited for the future and I know we are going to make more unforgettable memories for the rest of our lives.


It was so much fun letting Michelle do this little Q&A and seeing what answers she came up with for each question.

I hope you all enjoyed hearing about our college experiences and our friendship as a whole!

xo babes, Variety Princess


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Hey babes! I'm Deja'. The Princess of Variety. This is my personal blog where I will be giving you all advice, discussing my personal experiences that you all can learn something from, and talking about my favorite games, music, and so much more. xo

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