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My Bullying Experience PT. 3 (High School)

September 28, 2020

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Welcome to the finale of My Bullying Experience.

If you've been keeping up with each part, I totally appreciate you. If you're just now jumping in, let's get you caught up!

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Let's jump right on in to the story.

High school was a different experience overall compared to elementary and middle school. I would say I experienced the least amount of bullying in high school. I think it may have been because people were becoming more mature? I'm not sure. However, I will say that there tended to be more "drama" rather than petty bullying for no reason at all.

My high school was pretty fun to attend. Freshman year was very different from the rest of the years, because we had a different principal, and also, after freshman year, half the school transferred to a new school that had just been built. So a lot of new people started attending my school during sophomore year.

I was starting to grow up more and becoming more mature myself. I was pretty much the same - still loved dancing and video games with a passion. Still talkative and friendly. It was just more evident that I was growing more into who I was and learning what I was and wasn't okay with. I was also learning how to defend myself more, so I had my fair share of small arguments with people here and there. Nonetheless, I don't remember having too many problems in freshman and sophomore year. I remember the drama really started to pop off junior year.

Junior year was when I started to break out of my shell more. I immersed myself in theatre, and even though I loved it for years, this was when I started being in real, actual shows and applying myself to the craft in a genuine way.

I also decided to take a chance and try out for the cheerleading squad again for the first time since 7th grade. I had a feeling this time might be different, even though my experience was terrible back in middle school.

Speaking of middle school....the reason everything went south for me in high school actually involves middle school - go figure, right?

So there was this girl I was friends with in middle school. We'll call her Trish.

We weren't best friends or close by any means, but she was one of those girls that I knew if we had a class together, we could always sit together if we had nobody else to sit with, and whenever we did have a class together, we'd always talk and laugh about different things. We were friends in passing, I'd say. We never talked outside of school and the times we'd have classes together.

Personality wise, she was pretty quiet. She didn't have many friends and I could tell she wasn't very confident within herself. I never had a problem with that though, because I wasn't the most confident thing to ever walk Earth either. And even if I was, I still would've treated her no differently.

Fast forward to high school.

Trish had lost weight and portrayed a lot more confidence. She was hanging with a new group of girls. Two of the girls were aunt and niece - but they were practically the same age, so I always thought of them as cousins. We'll call the older one Heather and the younger one Hilary. They hung around with a girl that I had known with since fifth grade - we'll call her Christina.

Trish wasn't really anything like these girls, in my opinion. I feel like she would do things and act a certain way to seem cool to them because she wasn't used to hanging around with people that got as much attention as they did. Heather and Hilary weren't the best people, and neither was Christina - she had a horrible attitude since I had known her, so I have no idea why I would always end up talking to her again. I never really thought of her as a real friend. Just someone I had known for a long time and had occasional memories with.

Eventually, I started hanging around with their little group. I was still the same person I was before where I could hang out with anyone, even if they weren't just like me. However, half the time, I felt completely out of place because they were into things that I wasn't experienced with nor interested in being a part of, like dating a bunch of different guys, or having a boyfriend but cheating on him for fun. It was more so the three that would do those things. Trish loved the attention from guys, but I never saw her really participating in what the other girls were doing to that extent. I think she enjoyed it because nobody ever really gave her the time of day in middle school.

Over time, the three would say and do things towards me that were questionable, but I'd usually laugh it off. Whenever Trish and I would be alone, she would act completely different and very similar to the real her that I knew back in middle school.

Things went downhill leading up to second semester of junior year.

Heather was having a weekend long slumber party at her house for her birthday. It started on a Friday. Hilary, Trish and I were staying the weekend. Christina wasn't staying over, but we went to the mall that day, and she met us there. Majority of the time at the mall, Christina, Heather, and Hilary were together and Trish and I were kind of "left behind" quite a bit. I don't remember really feeling any way about it, but I feel like Trish was bothered by it.

We had a pretty fun night on Friday when we got back to Heather's house - had a movie night and went mattress surfing down the stairs and what not. At the time, Heather was dating a guy long distance (who she wasn't being very faithful to), and she was on Skype with him a lot of the night while Hilary was flirting with his friend. This went on a lot throughout the weekend.

For some reason, Trish ended up leaving Saturday instead of on Sunday. I don't remember if she had something to do, or if things had just gotten awkward between her and the other girls for some reason. I do remember there being awkward tension between them and her though?

Saturday night, I was laying in the bedroom kind of dozing off, but there were moments where I was wide awake. Heather and Hilary were in the bathroom on Skype with Heather's boyfriend and his friend and I overheard the girls saying something about how "Trish loves attention from guys", and was basically painting her out to be this thirsty, desperate person to these random guys who lived in some other state. Me, having known Trish the longest and being the closest to her, I wasn't okay with these girls, who I had pretty much met through her, talking negatively about her behind her back when she wasn't around to defend herself. And they did it when they thought I was sleep. Which told me that this is something they probably do all the time. And I was sure they probably talked badly about me when I wasn't around as well. So being the person that I am, I told her about it! As soon as I got home, I told her everything via Oovoo.

I didn't aggressively tell her they're horrible people or anything like that. I simply told her what was said and told her that we both should watch our backs. I suggested that her and I stay "friends" with them to keep the peace and not start a huge thing, but deep down, know who they really are and not tell them any of our business. I thought it was a fool-proof plan. We'd be aware of how these girls actually are, while still being able to go to school and not deal with any drama with them - because they would still think everything is fine! It was kind of like playing them at their own game. Trish agreed to the plan!

So I believe the weekend of the slumber party was during Winter break, if I'm not mistaken. Because we had all been excited before because second semester of junior year was the first time we were all going to have a class together.

Second semester starts, and deep down, it's kind of awkward because both Trish and I know how these girls are but we're playing along. Other than that, everything is pretty normal.

Not long into second semester, I start noticing things are getting kind of weird.

The girls, including Christina, are all saying weird things on Twitter and what not. One morning, we're all in class, and Trish is looking at everything they're saying and freaking out because she thinks they're talking about her. Once class ends, Heather and Christina are walking out and we're walking out behind them, but a little distance behind, and Heather turns around and says, "Bye Deja'....oh wait, not you. Bye Trish!"

I was just like ??????????????

I wasn't sure if I had heard her correctly. I was extremely confused. But deep down, not really. Because I knew the only reason any of them would be acting strange towards me is if Trish had went back and told them what I said. Or told them something. Which in my heart, I never would've guessed she'd do.

So time goes by, and they all stop talking to me. Except Trish. But she acts like she has no idea what's going on, and chases after them anyways and eventually starts being awkward towards me. To the point where her and I eventually stop talking altogether.

**Honestly, I didn't realize this part was going to be so long, so I'm going to break it into a second part, because there's so much more I have to tell you guys. And the second part is where things get really crazy. So stay tuned for that.

xo babes, Variety Princess

  1. Michelle says:

    What’s the deal with girls? Why are they the way they are? I’m looking forward to the rest!


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