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Among Us (New Roles?)

November 8, 2020

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In my recent Among Us Takeover blog post, I mentioned that I had come across a post on Reddit that user u/716310 posted with ideas for future impostor/crewmate roles that could be added in the upcoming update for the game. Today, we're going to be dissecting that post and discussing their ideas! I will also be giving my opinions on each role.

**Remember, these are only ideas for the Among Us update from someone on Reddit. These aren't confirmed new roles for the game.**

among us role ideas

Impostor Roles

We're going to start this off by talking about their ideas for impostor roles.


Spy: Has access to cameras, admin, vitals and can call an emergency meeting from anywhere on the map; Can open all tasks and complete them, not actually contributing as the bar will overfill at the end

Okay, so basically the spy is an impostor that has the ability to keep track of where everyone is on the map a lot more easily, and they can do it from anywhere on the map. This can come in handy, because it can be easier to execute crewmates or hop in/out of vents and not have to worry so much about someone coming around the corner and catching you in the act. You'd be able to get an idea of where everyone is before doing anything risky. The spy also has the ability to call an emergency meeting from anywhere on the map. This could be a game changer, because if you see that someone is about to come in and catch you near a dead body, or really catch you doing anything suspicious, you could call an emergency meeting just in the nick of time. You don't have to go all the way to the cafeteria just to call the meeting. The spy can open all tasks and complete them. This part I was kind of confused about at first, but it seems as if the spy can complete tasks so that the bar fills up and throws other crewmates off who may be checking to see if the bar fills up when they see someone "doing tasks". The bar would simply overfill getting towards the end of the game, because there would be an extra person (the spy) "doing tasks". It would also make lying during the meetings way easier too, because when people ask what your last task was, you don't have to make anything up. You can literally say what the last task you did was, because you'll have that ability!

I give this role a THUMBS UP. 👍🏾 The spy would have a lot of very useful abilities.

My favorite would have to be the ability to access cameras, admin, vitals, and the emergency meeting button from anywhere. That's such a game changer, and it would make it so much easier to maneuver around killing crewmates without being caught.

Escapist: Can carry bodies and move them, although crewmates can report the body the escapist is carrying; The animation time for venting is reduced by 90%

So the escapist can move bodies to different locations. So if I'm an escapist, I can kill somebody in a specific area and then I can move that body to a different area to throw people off or hide the body in a more secluded hard-to-find area - or even move it near a crewmate to make them look guilty. OR, if another impostor kills someone, I can move the body of the crewmate they murdered. The catch here though, is that if a crewmate runs into me dragging someone's body all over the place, they can still report it while I have it. To compensate for the escapists' body moving ability, their animation time for venting is reduced by 90%. So I guess that means you would take longer to jump in and out of vents as a penalty? That kind of sucks....a lot.

I give this role a THUMBS DOWN. 👎🏾 I don't find this role to be very useful, personally. I can't really think of many times where I would find it beneficial to move a body from its original location. And besides, I'd be too scared to move it anyways, because if I run into someone, they can just report it and tell everyone they saw me carrying it??? And then on top of that, I would take even longer to jump in and out of vents? Count me out. 😂

RingleaderWhen near another impostor, can eat them and hide them while carrying them around; Map shows location of all other impostors (this role only appears in games with 2+ impostors) 

If the ringleader is near another impostor, they have the ability to "eat them", so that they'll be hidden, and they have the ability to carry them around, and I guess spit them out in a different location? I'm trying to think of times where this would be beneficial to use, but I'm drawing a blank. The ringleader also has the ability to see the location of all other impostors on the map - but only if the game has at least 2 impostors, which makes sense.

I give this role a THUMBS DOWN. 👎🏾 I can't figure out any time where I would need to eat another impostor to "hide" them. The only way I could see this role ever being useful is if you could become invisible for a limited time while you're hiding another impostor. Then, I could understand the appeal of this role. Because at that point, you could save other impostors from sticky situations. But say another impostor kills someone and then I see someone else coming, if I go and hide the impostor that did the killing, wouldn't I just end up looking like the guilty one when that person rounds the corner and catches me standing there near the body? I just don't get it. And so with that being said, that cancels out the point of even being able to see where other impostors are on the map, in my opinion. I guess you could use the hide feature to do quick double kills on unsuspecting crewmates, but even then, I don't feel like it's worth it when the other impostor could just follow you to the location if that's the case?

SaboteurReactors takes 3 seconds to do instead of near instant; Lights take 10 seconds to come on even after they are done; O2's number is much longer; Comms make tasks completely undoable

In a nutshell, the saboteur is basically able to sabotage certain beneficial necessities a little bit more than a regular impostor. They can make it so that life is just a tad bit harder for your average crewmate. Reactor takes longer to complete, lights take longer to come on, etc. This could make it easier to get more kills completed and make it harder for the crewmates to get their tasks done as quickly as they normally would.

I give this role a THUMBS UP. 👍🏾 However, I will say - I feel like this role would need to be used by the right person for it to actually be effective. That obviously goes for any role, but I feel like this one would definitely take a bit more strategy when it comes to choosing when to use it. You want to sabotage these different necessities at the right times, otherwise, this would just be another throwaway role.

My favorite feature of this role would have to be making it so that the lights take longer to come on. The lights being off is a total game changer, and those extra 10 seconds of having to wait for them to come back on every time they're turned off would be crucial.

HunterCompass tracks player of choice every 15 seconds; Kill cooldown is reduced by 4 seconds

The hunter kind of has a similar ability as the spy with where they can see where everyone is on the map, the only difference is, with the hunter, you can only choose one person, and you're given a compass to follow rather than a camera. That's still pretty cool. If someone is giving you trouble in the meetings, you can keep track of where they are. This ability updates every 15 seconds, so you can change who you're stalking every 15 seconds. The hunter also has a shorter cooldown time of 4 seconds after every kill, which is SUCH a game changer. Being able to kill more people faster? That has the potential to make a huge difference in impostors winning the game more often.

I give this role a THUMBS UP. 👍🏾 There's really no downfalls to this role at all. You can choose specific people to stalk, and you can also kill people faster. I see absolutely no issues with this role.

My favorite ability here would have to be the kill cooldown being shorter. Those 4 seconds knocked off of the cooldown can make all the difference.

Framer: Has the option to poison crewmates, causing them to die after 10 seconds passes ; Can set the timer of emergency meetings to 15 seconds once a game

The framer can poison crewmates, which will cause them to die 10 seconds later. I'm not really sure how this would work. Does the framer have to be near a crewmate to poison them? Can they just choose a crewmate from a menu or something, and then the crewmate would just die suddenly and unexpectedly 10 seconds after? I need more information on how this would work to really give a solid opinion. The framer can also set the timer of emergency meetings to 15 seconds once a game. I think this could come in handy if someone who's trying to point the finger at you happens to call an emergency meeting, but it really all depends on when you can activate this ability to make the meeting 15 seconds. I'm assuming it would be before the meeting starts? But then how would you know when the best time is to use it?

I give this role a THUMBS UP & THUMBS DOWN. 👍🏾👎🏾 The reason I give this role a thumbs up is because the concept of the abilities this role obtains are really intriguing, and I think they could be really affective if executed properly. On the flip side, I give this role a thumbs down, because I need more information about how the abilities would work. I need to know when you can poison someone and if they have to be in close proximity to you for it to work. I also need to know when you're able to choose which emergency meeting is going to last 15 seconds.

If executed properly, my favorite ability would have to be the option to poison crewmates. If you're able to walk past crewmates and poison them without them even knowing and then leaving the room unsuspected and then they just drop dead 10 seconds later, then that would be pretty fricken' cool.

Crewmate Roles

Now, let's discuss all of the crewmate roles!


VigilanteGain ability to kill once after finishing all tasks (max: 1)

So the vigilante has the ability to kill one player after finishing all of their tasks. Only one person is allowed to have this role per game. This ability is a little iffy, because if you kill the wrong person, you'd be killing off a crewmate and disadvantaging your own team. However, that's no different than mistakenly voting off a crewmate. So I guess this role is actually pretty useful, because if you know in your heart of hearts that someone is an impostor, if you get your tasks done quick enough and can manage to stay alive, you can kill that impostor off and potentially win the game for everyone.

I give this role a THUMBS UP👍🏾 If the right person chooses this role, it could be a total game changer with helping the crewmates win a game they would've otherwise lost. However, if the wrong person has this role, they could kill off a crewmate by accident and put the whole team at a disadvantage.

AlarmSounds a loud alarm after 10 seconds of dying

The alarm is literally an alarm. Once they're killed, a loud alarm goes off after they die. This could alert nearby crewmates and potentially result in an impostor getting caught. The only catch is that the alarm sounds 10 seconds after dying, which means the impostor could be long gone and completely out of the surrounding area by the time the alarm actually goes off and anyone notices.

I give this role a THUMBS UP. 👍🏾 Personally, I wouldn't choose this role a whole ton, just because you literally have to get killed to even be able to use the ability, and even then, you have to wait 10 seconds before the alarm would even sound. However, the role can be beneficial.

ParanoidCan seal vents for 15 seconds (does not change vent visually) 

The paranoid can seal vents for 15 seconds so that impostors aren't able to use them. I'm assuming they have the ability to seal all of the vents at once for the duration of those 15 seconds. The vents will appear to look usable during this time, so impostors will have no idea they're not able to be used until they actually try to use them. With the vents sealed during this time, the impostors will have to be a little more strategic about when and where they kill people so they don't commit any crimes during a time where they need a quick escape.

I give this role a THUMBS DOWN. 👎🏾 The reason why is because I honestly can't see a lot of people using this role. Based on what I've seen from watching various people play Among Us, the majority of people avoid using the vents because it's just an extra way to get caught as an impostor. That being said, if you were to choose this role as a crewmate, the usage of it probably wouldn't do much for your team.

RemoteCan call emergency meeting globally

The remote can call an emergency meeting from anywhere on the map, which prevents them from have to run to the cafeteria to press the button. This could be beneficial because if you see something suspicious happening, you could call an emergency meeting instantly, right there where you are, rather than hoping you can get to the button in time. I'm also assuming the remote is only allowed to call an emergency meeting once a match, as usual. So this ability would definitely have to be used wisely.

I give this role a THUMBS UP. 👍🏾 If used wisely throughout matches, this ability could be very beneficial. If you catch someone in the act of killing and then they start coming after you, you could call an emergency meeting instantly in that very moment, and let everyone else know what's up.

VisionaryWhen this player reports bodies, they get a killcam that shows how the player died with names blurred and no color identification for players

If the visionary reports a body, they will then receive a killcam showing how the person who they reported died. The only catch is that the name of the killer is blurred in the killcam, and also their color as well. So I suppose it would depict a grey, nameless character killing the person and then you would have to use context clues to figure out who it was.

I give this role a THUMBS UP. 👍🏾 Seeing a killcam of what happened when someone died could be very useful. It could give information as to where the killer came from right before the kill happened and also give insight into which direction the killer went in right after the kill. Bringing this information up in meetings or even using the information secretly for yourself could help you be a force to be reckoned with if you choose this role.

TechnicianAfter finishing all tasks, this player can use vents (max duration in vent = 7 seconds)

The technician gets the opportunity of being able to use vents, but only after they complete all of their tasks. They're only allowed to be in vents for 7 seconds. I guess this ability could make it easier to get around the map and maybe catch impostors in the act? I'm assuming this would be towards the end of the game though, if you have to have all of your tasks done beforehand. Unless you're Speedy Gonzalez and you're quick about getting your tasks done.

I give this role a THUMBS DOWN. 👎🏾 What I like about this ability is that it gives you the option of using vents. You'd be able to get around and do things a lot faster. However, the downfall of this is the fact that if you get caught hopping in and out of vents...wouldn't anyone who catches you just assume you're an impostor? And then if you defend yourself by reassuring them that you're a technician, the impostors would then come after you and make sure to kill you so you don't use any vents and catch them. On top of that, you also have to finish all of your tasks before you can even use your ability. Which kind of sucks, because realistically, most of the time, you probably wouldn't even be able to finish all of your tasks without getting killed or voted out.


And that concludes all of the potential role ideas that this Reddit user came up with. Be sure to let me know what you all think of the roles in the comments. Which were your favorites? Which are you not feeling as much? I think these were very creative ideas and definitely something the Among Us developers could look into for the upcoming Among Us update.


Link to original Reddit thread: CLICK HERE


xo babes, Variety Princess

  1. Michelle says:

    Great post! This would be like a whole new game! It’s very interesting. Now i haven’t played the game once yet but if these roles were to be used, i would say about half of them would be useful, such as the spy, the saboteur and vigilante, just to name a few.


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