1. My name is Deja'! (Pronounced like Deja Vu.) 👑

2. I have a cockatiel named Bow Wow and he's my world! 🐥

3. I'm a Virgo. 😇

4. I'm a YouTuber. 📹

5. I've been playing video games since I was about three years old. 🎮

Quick facts! 

Meet The Princess

Meet The Princess

6. My favorite food is bread. I can eat it all day, which isn't good. 🍞

7. I live for trashy reality TV. 📺

8. Horror movies are my faves. 🔪

9. My music taste is all over the place. From screamo to R&B. You name it, I probably listen to it. 🎶

10. I have three degrees. 🎓

My name is Deja'. I was born and raised in NC. The Queen City to be exact. How ironic. 👑 Growing up, I was all about dancing, cheerleading, video games, and the internet. Those things were all I ever did when I got out of school. I am now 24 years old, and not much has changed. I will delve into more detail about what life was like growing up in my blogs. Right before I started college, I began a YouTube channel. I had others before this one, but I wanted to take this one seriously. I have since created another YouTube channel after that one, which is the one you all may know of today. In my free time, I love to record new videos for my YouTube channel, blog, journal, read, play video games, dance, watch my favorite shows and movies, and browse social media! I love spending my time with my best friend. She's one of the only people that I feel truly understands me. I'd call myself a homebody. There's nothing like being at HOME, in the zone, with some bomb snacks. 😍 I love to be there for other people in their times of need and give advice to whoever may need it. I'm pretty girly with tomboy sprinkled on top and I absolutely love that about myself. To end this, my favorite color is hot pink (as if you couldn't already tell 😉).

The Longer Version

video games every day

I really love...

reality tv

candy of choice


my fav singer


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My 2020 Bucket List...

attend at least 2 concerts

read the entire bible

upload more than 100 youtube videos

read more than 10 books

reach my goal weight

get a gaming computer

post at least 50 blogs

It allllll started on MySpace. MySpace gave me an undeniable love for blogging and web design. I've been blogging and playing around with HTML coding since I was 12 years old. Funny, I know. Since MySpace's untimely death, there hasn't really been any platforms where you could design your web page freely. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest...none of them give you much free will when it comes to how your page actually looks. Sure, maybe you can change the colors and a few pictures. That's about it. Tumblr is the only site since MySpace where you can kind of do what you want (still not to the same extent as MySpace though), but Tumblr isn't as fun as it used to be, in my opinion. It took me some time to figure out a place that would fall under the criteria I wanted -- a place my subscribers and followers could come to interact with me, learn more about me, get advice from me, etc. That's when it hit me. My own website! For awhile now, I've been contemplating about launching my own website. My own place to design freely and blog however and whenever I want! A fun place for me to give back to the people that have been nothing but sweet to me. A chill place for people to come read, laugh, be entertained, learn new things...the list goes on. That's when varietyprincess.com was born. And that was all she wrote.

what is the purpose of this website? why was it created?

website purpose



reality show

bad girls club



disney movie

beauty & the beast

vacation spot

universal studios orlando

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All Time Favorites

The best show is definitely...

Bad girls club

Pretty Little liars


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