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Now, You Have All The Time In The World.

April 22, 2020

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I don't believe in the "I don't have time" excuse anymore. I've been listening to so many knowledgeable people on podcasts, and it's not as hard as you think to get everything you care about done. You telling yourself or others you don't ever have time to do things you want to do is a total excuse.

The reason I believe this to be an excuse, is because I've used it myself. We all have! But now, I get so many things done in one day by a decent time because I've learned how to take control of my schedule. I'm not wasting my time anymore. If you don't have time to do something you care about and want to do, it's because you're wasting that time doing something else that's not as valuable to you. And that's on periodT, sis. Just kidding.

But I am serious! You have to look at how you're spending your day, and figure out what you're doing that isn't worth your time. Then, you can use that time for what you care about. Do you ever wonder how you see so many people getting way more done than you feel like you ever will? Of course, we all have different circumstances in life that would give someone a bit more free time over someone else. However, we all have the same 24 hours in each day - it's not like there are special people out there that have more hours in their day. You have to make the most out of what you have, even if you only have that solid four hours to do whatever it is you "never have time" to do!

One thing I've incorporated into my life is time batching, and it's helped me really take control of my website schedule. I'm not sure if you guys have noticed, but I now post on the same days every week around the same time. It's because I took control of my schedule and I now time batch, meaning I pick specific days/times where I do one thing towards my website for up to like three hours. Like today, I'm typing all of my blogs back to back so I don't have to worry about it later in the week! I'm focused and I'm getting ish done, ya know?

I've also been thinking about how we've all been in quarantine. This is the perfect time to be getting all of those things you claim you didn't have time to do....DONE. Take advantage of this pandemic and turn it into something positive for your life.

USE THIS TIMEEspecially if you're a creative. This is the perfect time for us to be in our own spaces getting things done online, painting, drawing, reading, creating dance content, blogging, streaming...I mean, the list goes on.

On The Extra Gravy Show, one of the hosts, Marlon, was talking about how he wants to see people quitting their 9 to 5 jobs after this pandemic/quarantine period is over, and I totally agree. Be using this time to work on new projects and launch online businesses!

This isn't to say they I don't know that everyone isn't a homebody like me, because I know and get that. Some people need to be outside to prosper, and that's totally okay. Think of ways you can take advantage of being in the house more too!

Have you been wanting to lose weight? I know I have! Gyms are closed, but that doesn't mean you can't work out at home or go for a walk around your neighborhood. I was convincing myself that I couldn't work out without the gym, but my best friend helped me get out of that mindset. If you guys watch my YouTube channel, you know that I've been temporarily staying at my bestie's house, because I'm going through a move right now. Since the coronavirus hit, obviously, that's slowed things down for my relocation. However, I got lucky, because I get to be in quarantine with my best friend and that's one thing I'm thankful for. We've been exercising multiple days a week (and I can do a separate post on this eventually). But we exercise in the house, and we walk around her neighborhood! It feels good to be doing something I've been putting off for so long and taking advantage of my time. My body feels so much better too.

I encourage all of you to take a look at your schedules (and if you don't have one, please make one) and see where time is being wasted. Are you spending too much time on your phone? Do you not have clear, specific goals that you want to accomplish each day? Are you just making excuses because you're being lazy? Check out my Ultimate Time Wasters blog post - maybe that'll give you an idea of where all your time is going. Once you figure it out, create a clear plan (WRITE IT OUT) of what you want to accomplish that week, and then narrow it down to days, and even times! You deserve to make the most of your time. Give that to yourself.

If you guys need specific advice for your situation on how you can make more time for yourself, comment below or shoot me a message! I'd love to give you some personal pointers. 💓

Now, I'm off to exercise! 😉



PS: You're not always going to get everything done in one day. For example, yesterday, my schedule didn't go as planned at all because things came up. But I'm making up for it today and taking advantage of my time. I'm holding myself accountable and keeping my promises to myself that I'm still going to exercise, get my blogs done, and do whatever else.


xo babes, Variety Princess


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Hey babes! I'm Deja'. The Princess of Variety. This is my personal blog where I will be giving you all advice, discussing my personal experiences that you all can learn something from, and talking about my favorite games, music, and so much more. xo

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